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KOREA TOUR CARD : Explore Korea with Ease and Savings

Introducing the Ultimate Travel Card

Are you planning your dream trip to South Korea? Don’t leave without your best travel companion. Korea Tour Card! This unique transit card, designed exclusively for international tourists, guarantees a convenient, affordable, and seamless travel experience.

More than just a Transit Card

This special card is not just for public transportation. It’s your access to a wide array of benefits across approximately 180 tourist attractions, performance venues, restaurants, shops, and much more. It’s your ticket to the best that Korea has to offer.

The Namhaean Coast Edition

If you’re exploring the beautiful southern coastal areas like Busan, Yeosu, or Tongyeong, this unique travel card’s Namhaean Coast Edition is your perfect partner. Enjoy over 220 exclusive benefits and unique experiences from affiliated locations and special coastal attractions.

How to Purchase Your Unique Travel Card

Ready to start your journey? This unique travel card is available at airports, major convenience stores, subway vending machines, banks, and more for just KRW 4,000 (additional transportation costs to be loaded separately).

Travel Smart and Hassle-Free with the Mobile Version

For a more digital savvy experience, try the mobile version. This app-version allows you to pay for transportation and make purchases at Starbucks, McDonald’s, convenience stores, and more using just your phone’s NFC function. It also provides exclusive benefits for cultural events and popular tourist destinations.

A World of Discounts with Your Unique Travel Card

Your travel card is your passport to a world of savings. Enjoy admission discounts, free coupons, gifts, and more at various affiliate establishments. Make sure to check the website regularly as the list of participating establishments and benefits change frequently.

Refunds and Recharge: Simple and Convenient

Remember, this card is a prepaid card. To refund any unused balance, simply visit any major convenience store branch nationwide, a Tmoney service center at a subway station, or Tmoney Town. Recharge your card easily at convenience stores or subway stations, with a maximum limit of KRW 500,000 and payments accepted only in Korean Won.

Conclusion: Your Best Travel Companion in Korea

With all these features and benefits, this unique travel card truly is your ultimate travel companion in Korea. Get yours today, and make your Korean journey unforgettable!

Korea Tour Card
Korea Tour Card

If you’re seeking to explore the beautiful historical landmarks of South Korea, please refer to the following link. Your journey to the past awaits.

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